Welcome to Advantage Inspection.  Since 1988, Advantage has set the standards for home inspection industry. Whether computerizing the inspection process or offering the nations first “No Denied Claims” home warranty, Advantage has been a leader in providing inspection services for the real estate community.
Advantage knows that your home is one of the most important investments you make for you and your family.  Whether you’re about the purchase a new residence or need to know the condition of an exiting property, you can rely on the home inspection experts at Advantage for complete peace-of-mind service.
Every Advantage Inspection client is protected beyond the inspection with up to $15,000 worth of specific coverage on multiple systems and components.  From structural to mold to the roof, we provide coverage and resources to protect your investment. **See coverages for terms and details.
For more than 30 years Advantage’s home inspection process has been the deciding factor for the people we serve: Real Estate Agents, Home Inspectors, Home Owners, Buyers & Sellers.
Advantage Inspection… where Peace of Mind is the best Advantage!!
Advantage Inspection is a Raleigh Home Inspector offering Home Re-Inspections, Radon Testing, Septic Tank Inspection, Termite Inspection, Air Quality and Mold Testing. So if you are looking for an experienced Home Inspector in Raleigh then contact us today!


Advantage Inspection provides Peace of Mind Coverage up to $15,000 with every inspection…for every client.*
Plus get all of the following absolutely FREE with your full home inspection.


Dave Park

Senior Inspector/Administrator

Glen Lobsinger

Part Owner/Senior Inspector

Will Cranz

Home Inspector

Lance Mullins

Home Inspector

Rob Lemonte

Senior Inspector

Tony Lamando

Home Inspector

Joe Hester

Home Inspector

Chuck Covar

Senior Inspector

Matt Smith

Home Inspector

Hugh McMillan

Home Inspector

Pete Shimkets

Home Inspector

Spencer Park

Home Inspector

Matt Sinclair

Home Inspector

YOURHOUSENC is the place to find discounts, savings, and resources for you and your home. We will also help you manage, maintain, and when time, sell your home. Plus redeem credit you have earned for upgraded services**.


YOURHOUSENC knows home ownership can be hectic at times so we have partnered with the best national and local providers of services to help you maintain and enjoy your home. From home owners insurance to the remote control, we want to provide you with services your use and need for home ownership peace of mind.

Our Home Inspection Services are Based on the Size and Age of the Home

We service the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. Additional fees may apply depending on the location of the home. Commercial Building Inspections are priced on an individual building and case by case basis.

Home Inspections

Condo $300.00

0000-1250 Square Feet $325.00

1251-2000 Square Feet $375.00

2001-2750 Square Feet $425.00

2751-3500 Square Feet $475.00

3501-4250 Square Feet $525.00

4251-5000 Square Feet $575.00

5001-5750 Square Feet $625.00

5751-6500 Square Feet $675.00

6501-7250 Square Feet $725.00

7250 square feet+ $0.13 per square foot

NOTE: Additional Fee Pre-1980 + $50
            Additional Fee Pre-1945 + $100

Detached Building/Garage + $50 – Inspection
Detached Building/Garage + $30 – Termite
Advantage Pricing 2016 *

Other Services

Termite Inspection $95.00

Radon Testing $150.00

Septic Inspection $295.00

Well Water Testing $225.00

Air Quality $295.00

Pool/Spa $245.00

Sprinkler System $125.00

Mold Sampling (swab) $195.00

Well Treating – Bacteria Treating/Lab Work $395.00

Frame Inspection $300.00

HVAC Mechanical Inspection $125.00

Roof Inspection $225.00

Re-Inspection $195.00

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